Darwin: a game of evolution

Discover incredible adaptations. 
Compete for scarce resources. 
Evolve a species to survive.

A strategic race to survival

  1. Create a species
    Combine cards from a deck of 96 incredible adaptations to create a unique species that eats, survives predators, and reproduces.
  2. Compete for Scarce Resources
    Resources are required to add new traits to your species. As the environment changes, resources you need might become scarce.
  3. Adapt to survive
    There are many routes to victory, but none are easy. Can you plot a path to survival? 

A fun way to learn

Darwin is a great educational tool that combines fun game play with high-level thinking: how will your species combine evolutionary traits and strategies to survive? How will you collect and manage resources in a changing environment? How will you adapt when other species begin to develop predatory strategies?

Life's solutions are often more elegant, efficient, and sustainable than humanity's best efforts: we have a lot to learn, and Darwin provides fun entry point into the wonders of the natural world.

If we want to preserve and protect Earth's natural beauty for future generations, there's one clear place to start: spreading a sense of love and wonder for nature to all those around us. As children, we found the tiny details of life astounding and wonderful. I'll never forget watching caterpillars go through metamorphosis on my second-grade desk and emerge as butterflies. But that curiosity is dampened as we grow up. I created Darwin to reawaken that sense of wonder and love for nature.

Sam Lapp

Creator of Darwin

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